Anonymous: For your clothing line do you make the shirts yourself or team up with a company?


lilas-soleil: what is your job? like what do you do that involves graph design? I'm jw bc my sister is studying that in college rn

well i work for myself running my clothing brand and creating images /photography ; but i’m studying it at the moment.

Anonymous: On the Emoji thing same here why would two people giving a high five have the same colored shirts on and long sleeved lol

also why would there be heavenly beams of light in a high five

Anonymous: the praying emoji is actually a high five emoji. now u kno

i heard about this but im sceptical tbh

Anonymous: I love everything you post, it's beautiful and perfect. Your brain must be a wonderful place

thanks haha it’s quite a nice place 

intrigeud: i just found ur blog and im in love. great work


Anonymous: What kind of computer do you have and why?

macbook pro & cant think of why i just thought it was the right one 

nickntto: Would love to wear your clothing... but money :'( sommeedddaayyy. You're incredible btw.

thank you ! u will someday, i know it

bl3ached: I LURVVVV UR WORK 👌!!!

**praying emoji* thanks 

lilachippie: Your blog and artwork is absolutely amazing. I feel in love quickly as I followed you and wanted to reblog all your work.! Haha. Keep up the good work!

thanks for the support  !! : )

dannemorra: Your art is fantastic!

thank u

Anonymous: Just wondering if you are going to be selling clothes again on your website the sweaters were brilliant and I love the aesthetic of your clothes

thanks. yes, later in the summer.

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